About Simon

My name is Simon Fowler. I am a freelance researcher and this site is designed to encourage you to hire me to help with your research. 

By training, I am an archivist with an MA in Archive Administration from University College London. I worked at The National Archives (then the Public Record Office) for roughly thirty years, although I had a break firstly to edit Family History Monthly, and as archivist at the Royal Star and Garter Home and the Society of Genealogists. My last post at The National Archives was as editor of Ancestors Magazine which closed in April 2010. Since then, I have been a researcher mainly at archives in and around London. 

To my great amazement the research business took off immediately. I have never been busier or happier.  Over the past decade or so I have helped well over twelve hundred clients with projects large and small, from books and academic papers to family and local history research. Many of whom have used my services more than once. 

My philosophy is to treat clients as I would wish to be treated myself: by providing a friendly, efficient and professional service. And one which provides value for money.

If you want a full CV, testimonials and that sort of thing please let me know.

So why not get in touch?

Spittoons in Arcadia

Having spent many hours in pubs over the decades I have long been fascinated by their history and the people who used them. I wrote this for the Twentieth Century Society newsletter about fifteen years ago.

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Humanity in the Heavens

Occasionally one comes across records which can astound. One example is the messages dropped by both German and British pilots over enemy lines during the First World War seeking information about missing airmen.

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